Following are helpful resources for Porsche enthusiasts in our region. No specific endorsement or guarentee is made by PCA or the LLE Region.

Porsche car sales

    Unfortunately the closest factory dealerships for new or Porsched certified used cars are in DFW, Oklahoma City or Albuquerque.

    National used car sales can be found at PCAR Market, Bring A Trailer and the back of PCA's Panorama magazine. Additionally local or closer used car sales can be found at websites such as Autotrader, Car Gurus and Craigslist

    For all used non-Porsche-certified car purchases ensure you get as many service records as possible and have a pre-purchase inspection (PPI) completed by a reputable inspector prior to purchase. Also research the car model year to understand any known aspects of the car that you want to fully understand prior to purchase.

Porsche repairs (if not utilizing a factory service department)

Porsche parts

Car Washing

    Running a Porsche or any other fine car through an automated brushed car wash is highly not recommended. They will put micro-scratches and swirls in your paint finish. Following are recommendations for cleaning your car.

    Car Detailing Services

    • Amarillo, Xtreme Auto Re-Styling Center - 7137 Bell St
    • Amarillo, Above Average Detail - 3856 Business Park Dr
    • Amarillo, Skye Drake Car Detailing - 4131 Tucson Dr
    • plus many more

    Touchless Car Washes (for quick car washes)

    • Amarillo, Pak-A-Sak #13 - Georgia and 58th
    • Amarillo, Bubble Bath Car Wash - 1710 S Western St

    Hand Washing (at home or a hand-spray car wash)

High Octane Fuel

    Porsches require high-octane fuel, more than 91 is much better for your car's performance and maintenance. Following are known gas stations with octanes higher than 91:

    • Amarillo, Toot-and-Totum # -

Car Storage

    There are storage options if you are garage challenged to store your Porsche in self-storage or a fine car storage facility.

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